Petrified Wood facts

Created by nature and hand finished by man, each and every piece is absolutely unique and completely natural - a compelling fusion of nature and contemporary interior design. These priceless treasures will be cherished by many generations to come.

The Petrified wood facts are :

It is legal to buy, ship, and resale from Indonesia.

Alternative Material
Can be used as an alternative material to create an extraordinary design for furniture & accessories.

Supply is very limited, moreover most of petrified wood forests are protected and have developed into National Parks.

Value / Price Comparison
Due to limited supply, can be a good investment, and its price in Indonesia is very undervalue compared to it’s price in other countries.

Metaphysical Properties
Good for stabilizing emotions. It has ties with the deep past, and this makes it an excellent stone for past life work. A good, all-purpose energetic balancer. It is beneficial physically for the bones, backaches, skin and hair.

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